Gdbm for Windows

This is a windows-port of the famous GNU dbm (version 1.8.3) to Windows-OS. GNU dbm is a simple extendible hashing-mechanism to store key/value-pairs in files. The official gdbm-website can be found at the GNU website. You can download the original-distribution ( Because the original-distribution is only available for Unix-like systems, I decided to port it […]

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WebDAV for TclHttpd

This is a simple WebDAV-extension to let TclHttpd work as a WebDAV-server. News August 04 – WebDAV for TclHttpd is program of the week (POTW). Thanks a lot! July 04 – Released version 0.1a Introduction This is a simple WebDAV-extension which could be used in conjunction with the TclHttpd-Webserver to built a WebDAV-Server. You have

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Web Scraping

Part I As I was searching through the web to find something useful concerning „web scraping“, I was astonished about the lack of information. So I decided to put up something myself. Isn’t there anything useful out there? I know „web scraping“ (or „screen scraping“ in general) is a disgusting technique and I have to

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Metakit@Web is a web-based admin-interface for metakit-files Metakit@Web is a web-administration-interface for metakit-files and works with Tclhttpd. It’s like the well known phpMyAdmin but only for metakit-database-files and only suited for the real tcl-webserver. News June 04 – Metakit@Web (0.5) is now distributed as a sample-app in TclHttpd 3.5.1 April 04 – Jean-Claude Wippler has

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